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The Concept of a ‘Tool Box’

Real spelling resources are for scholarship, not pedagoguery

In the case of orthography — i.e., the cognitively-driven construction and reconstruction of sense and meaning — all of its conceptual elements operate in conjunction and simultaneously. It is, quite simply, impossible to confine real orthographic activity to one conceptual element.

This leads to why we call the real spelling resource a Tool Box. 

Any tool box is a set of tools that need to be used to perform a specific task. A good craftsman needs a full set of tools always at his disposal to deal with any need that might arise. The most important thing is that the tools be simply and readily - and all - available for any need as and when - and only when, of course,  - it does arise.

The tools will certainly be arranged, sorted and stored in a way that makes them easily accessible. That does not mean that every tool in the tool box must be used just because it is there. 

The current task in hand determines the tools, not the reverse. 

We happen to have a large monkey wrench in our tool box. We have never used it because the need for that particular tool has never arisen. But should that need arise, we have what we need - and we know exactly where to find it.

It would be absurd to assign a sequence of usage to tools: "The order of the drawers in my tool box is: 1. screwdrivers, 2. pliers and wrenches, 3. saws and drills...", therefore that is the order in which I must use them!" Imagine the absurd situation of needing to use a saw, but not being allowed to because, in an opinion that some “researcher” parades as fact, you are required to master the screwdriver, pliers and wrench first!

Real spelling resources are constructed to be in parallel with epistemological and cognitve verity, not channelled and packaged for the unidimensional production line of schooling delivery-line methods.


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